Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Next Chapter (For This Blog)

I'm still not sure how much I want to share publicly about my family life.  On the one hand, my child deserves the right to privacy and anonymity until she's old enough to decide what to share for herself.  But it's difficult (impossible?) to talk about life in early motherhood without mentioning your kid.

I wish I knew more mothers who hike, camp, climb, and travel with their babies.  Real-life friends are the best (swap belays between breastfeeding, anyone?), but even stories from the virtual world could be a source of learning, solidarity, and connection.

So I'm going to share just a little.  From my perspective only - not speaking for my daughter.  Using one of her nicknames, "Kick-Kick" or KK, instead of her real name.  Adding a watermark to any photo in which she appears, so the photo can't be re- or misappropriated.

Most importantly, remembering that I am a parent in real-time for my daughter, not for this blog, or for an online photo album, or for social media.

(Though I will always believe you can never have too many baby pictures!)

the climber's DIY baby swing:  rope, trad draw, 2 biners, and a pull-up bar
(bicep pullups, not diaper pullups)
(baby not included)

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