Sunday, June 1, 2014

On the Road Again: Northwest Road Trip 2014

We're on the road again! Picking up where we left off on the Southwest road trip in 2011, we are spending June and July in the California Sierra, the Cascades of Washington, and the Northern Rockies of Montana and Wyoming. Doing the usual – living in The Matrix (a.k.a. our car), backpacking and climbing and hiking.

We had about 6 months of time to prep, compared to 3ish days last time. I'm not sure we really did that much more prep work, though! Last few days before leaving were pretty stressful. Our “to do” list before leaving:

1. Dehydrate a ton of food for backpacking.
2. Find a house-sitter.
3. Make a general map of ideas.

(Anyone else ***really*** dislike the new Google Maps?)
4. Acquire Lyme Disease.
poor dave :-(
5. Chop off hair.
obligatory crappy cell phone self photograph in the bathroom mirror
6. Pack up The Matrix. (Living out of a car deserves its own post – our micro-home is 40 square feet and gets 35 mpg.)
7. Say goodbye to friends.
8. Feel sad about leaving our home, our community, and our town at the most beautiful time of year.
9. Get in the car anyway, and head west!

We left on Sunday, 6/1/2014, and I'm finally posting this on Monday, 6/9/2014. Cell phone service has been spotty, and computer internet time...  well, I'm in a Quiznos in Merced, California, and the last time I was on the computer was at a McDonald's somewhere in Amishland, Indiana.  As much as I would love to post photos and blogs during this trip, I don't want to spend any time in fast food restaurants.  So, no news = good news, because it means we're in the mountains!

[Sidebar: I know what you're wondering: no, we did not quit our jobs this time.
We asked our employers with plenty of notice (~6 months) and then worked hard so our colleagues were prepared to carry on without us. We're using all of our vacation time, and the rest of the time is unpaid. Three cheers for living in a small town and working for a company that cares about its employees well-being and happiness!]

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