Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 Reasons Why Smith Rock... Rocks!

Smith Rock is a state park in central Oregon known for sport climbing.

It is my current favorite place to climb!

Why is it so awesome?

(1) 1300 sport and trad routes, from tip-splitting micro mono pockets to hand-shredding cracks. Super fun, super challenging, super aesthetic. Loved the climbing.

(2) Folks in the area are so nice, relaxed and friendly. Reminds me of Ithaca, actually. I have to give a shout out to Mountain Supply in Bend; we stopped in to chat and they basically planned our climbs for us. Thanks guys!!

can you spot the highliner in this photo?
(3) The self-pay register station at the “bivouac” site accepts credit cards. No fumbling for exact change.  Save your dimes for beer.

(4) Camping within ¼ mile of the climbs is only $5/ person/ day, which includes admission to the park the next day. Take that, Mohonk Preserve.
gunks, you don't have this, either...
(5) It also includes a shower. Limited hot water, but in the summer, who cares.

hadn't seen one of these in a long, long time...
(6) All of the facilities are cleaned daily by the nicest volunteers. Yes, volunteers.

who needs facilities when you have this?
(7) The cooking area in the middle of the bivouac has plenty of picnic tables and even some desert trees.

(8) The water fountains are designed for doggies, too. (Dave pointed out that one might water their children this way, as well.)

(9) There are little bouldering walls for kids (or adults!) at both the bivouac site and the main park.  Didn't get a picture, though.
(10) Awesome desert sunsets.

The amenities and the climbing at Smith Rock is going to make it difficult to return to the Gunks, that's for sure!

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