Thursday, July 4, 2013

Acrobats in Red Leotards and Other Images from Montreal

I'm hesitant to write another post, because the dispatch previous to this one is so epic that I can't bear not to have it first on this blog.  But life goes on.

Particularly when the passport is involved.

Chris and Mike said they were going to Montreal for the Fourth of July weekend.  Montreal?  I've never been there before!  It's only 5 hours from Ithaca!  They speak French up there!  And they have poutine.

mmm...  poutine...
I am SO in.

Montreal is a very livable city.  Not sure I'd want to live there, but still a very comfortable, pleasant city to visit, even in the heat and humidity of July.  Coming from a lady who doesn't like cities, that is a RINGING endorsement!

Here's a quick photojournal:

Day One: we walked around Old Montreal, Chinatown, went for a dinner in a fancy French restaurant, and caught some excellent music at the International Jazz Festival.

graffiti, a sleeping bum, and a delicate fresco
mangoes in Chinatown
artist's alley in an old courtyard
fancy dinner
street scene
jazz festival
Day Two:  back to Old Montreal to visit the Basilica, the archaeology museum, and the International Fireworks competition in the evening.

very, very beautiful and ornate architecture
archaeology museum built right over the ruins of the oldest parts of the city
not gonna lie...  ithaca's fireworks were better.
walking home through gay village...  such a cool neighborhood
Day Three:  farmers' market, Kate/ Tim/ Chris join us after the Tough Mudder, and the most amazing random acrobatic show!!

excellent produce at the jean talon market
eating lunch when suddenly street theater was right in front of us!
we followed the acrobats over to to the back side of a Metro station...
...and then to a park...
...and then to one of the best shows I've ever seen.
and wow 
Day Four:  more walking (so. much. walking.), repeat of the Jean Talon market, slacklining in Mt. Royal, and finally home.

view from mt. royal
Good times!  More images here.  The highlights of the trip...
  • The acrobats!  Montreal Completement Cirque at Place Émilie Gamelin, performing "Babel"
  • Finding a great place to stay on
  • Jean Talon market
  • International Jazz Festival

And I'm oh-so-ready for another adventure.  Sigh.

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