Thursday, November 18, 2010

Travelin' Buds, and a Third Trek

The last week has been all about friendship.

I met Nirit, an Israeli my age, while waiting for the flight out of the mountains.  Like me, she was also waiting for the flight; like Dave, her boyfriend was completing the trek.  We ended up sharing a room in Pokhara for a week while we waited for our sweeties to return from their trekking adventures.  I really enjoyed her companionship and her perspective.  Nirit is the first random stranger I've met on this adventure who I would visit in her home country.

Two days ago, we said goodbye to Jay, Dave's university friend who joined us for the Annapurna Circuit.  I hadn't met him until he showed up in Kathmandu, but I'd heard a lot about him from Dave and suspected we'd get along well.  Turns out, introduction from a mutual friend is a great way to meet new friends!  Jay has a snarky, witty sense of humor that kept me amused, even when I was sick.  He's super strong, a little crazy (perfect match for Davo), and an all-around decent guy.

The day Jay left Kathmandu, other friends arrived.  I heard the voice of my old roommate, Mikey, in the hallway.  I ran outside to give him a hug and found Chris, my other old roommate, coming up the stairs right next to him!  Those clowns had neglected to tell me that Chris was also coming along...  a total surprise.  Charlie, another acquaintance from Ithaca who is currently living in India, also joined us.

After Dave as my primary companion for the past 9 months--and only companion for the past 4--it's both exciting and strange to share experiences with others again!

Ok, so what else is new...  I spent a week in Pokhara, waiting for Dave and Jay to finish the trek.  Pokhara itself isn't that interesting.  Before and/or after their trek--because that's why people go to Pokhara--most tourists end up in Lakeside neighborhood, where there is plentiful accommodation, restaurants with menus in English, and souvenir shopping.  Other than eating, sleeping, and gift shopping...  uh...  there's a nice lake and a waterfall...  nothing new if you've lived in Ithaca for a decade.

Here are some photos from Pokhara:

And here are some photos from the three times I've passed through Kathmandu:

Aaand finally...  here are the pictures you really want to see:  the Annapurna Circuit.

Ok, upcoming plans:  we're leaving for our third (AND FINAL!) trek in the Helambu Valley tomorrow morning, 11/19.  We'll be back between 11/24 and 11/26.  No internet until then.  Onwards and upwards!

P.S.  I updated the "Greatest Hits" photo album...  check it out here!


  1. Your photos are getting more and more beautiful and interesting as the months go on. I just love looking at them over and over. Hope you have fun with the guys on your next trek. Hey, it's just like high school all over again. I know you had a name for your RHS gang, something geekie, right? So looking forward to seeing you in January!! Love,

  2. HAHA!!!
    Yeah, the FSC. I can't believe I'm admitting that in public...