Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Road Trip... Trivia!

The epic New Zealand road trip of 2010 has come to an end.  On Tuesday morning, I arrived back in Tuateawa, where I will be working and living for the next month.

The road trip was an awesome experience.  I could probably write a novel about it, but isn't a list of trivia more entertaining?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

Life in the Van Trivia
  • Road trip length:  36 days/ 35 nights
  • Distance driven:  5,447 km/ 3,404 miles
  • Nights in random people's houses:  2
  • Nights the cold kept me awake:  1 (thank you, upstate ny)
  • Total restaurant meals eaten:  3
  • Cheese consumed by both of us:  5 kg/ 11 lbs (eww)
  • Juice drank by Dave:  15 L/ 4 gallons
  • Diet cola drank by Nicole:  not telling you
  • What I think of oatmeal for breakfast:  like eating plaster
  • Longest consecutive days w/o seeing the inside of a shower or bathtub:  14
  • National Parks visited:  7 (Tongariro, Egmont, Westland, Mt. Aspiring, Fiordland, Mt. Cook, Nelson Lakes)
  • HEY COW points:  a lot
  • Favorite North Island city:  New Plymouth
  • Favorite South Island city:  Dunedin
  • Favorite moment:  hiking into Angelus Lake basin at sunset
  • Creepiest moment:  sharing a very small backcountry hut with an insane hunter packing a large rifle
Tramping (Hiking) Trivia
  • Distance hiked:  290.5 km/ 181.6 mi
  • Days hiked:  24 out of 36 (66.6%)
  • Trail hours:  113.5 (nearly three 40-hour work weeks)
  • Average trail speed:  1.6 mph
  • Approximate elevation gain:  8370 m/ 27,600 ft (almost an Everest)
  • Highest elevation:  2590 m/ 8547 feet (summit of Ruapehu)
  • Lowest elevation:  sea level (Tasman Sea)
  • Longest day:  10 hrs (camp to summit of Ngauruhoe to camp to Whakapapa Village)
  • Greatest consecutive days on the trail:  9 (Mt. Aspiring Nat'l Park to Routeburn/Caples Tracks to Kepler Track)
  • Longest without resupply:  5 (Routeburn/Caples Tracks)
  • Nights in backcountry huts:  11
  • Nights in a tent:  1
  • Named mountains summited:  5  (Ngauruhoe, Ruapehu, Taranaki, Luxmore, Roberts)
  • Alpine crossings:  8
  • Unbridged streams crossed:  38 (yes I counted)
  • Places where my boots are held together with glue:  11
  • Wipe-outs (defined as ass on ground):  9
  • Foot mishaps:  2 (1 strange something between the toes; 1 ball of foot strain)
  • Ibuprophen taken:  too many...  waaaaaaay too many
  • Useless DoC warnings:  3 (1 bridge out, but the stream was easy to cross; 1 hill slide that was easy to bypass; 1 very muddy section, which was actually dry)
  • Times I got rained on:  3 (not bad!)
  • Things I daydreamed about most while hiking:  a hot shower, obscene quantities of bacon (yeah, I know) and eggs, Mumford & Sons songs
  • Kea seen:  5
  • Sea lions seen:  3
  • Penguins seen:  17 (7 yellow-eyed penguins; 10 blue penguins)

The end...  or maybe to be continued.  :-)


  1. Wow, those are some impressive stats! Sounds like you guys are continuing to have an amazing adventure. I wonder if TCAT liked you because of your recording keeping :)

  2. either that or the 12 hour days. :-P
    sometimes it's amazing. sometimes it's actually pretty dull. sometimes it's downright difficult and uncomfortable. you know, just like life in general!

  3. Thanks for the skype visit today! Love, Mummers and Dad

  4. Aren't you guys supposed to be packing? ;-)

  5. Yeah, I'm suppose to be doing a lot of things! You know Mummers! I love you! Hi and Hugs to Dave too!