Friday, March 26, 2010

Sailing Clouds, No Rain

Right now, we're in a major drought here in Tuateawa.  This is an issue because we use rainwater for all of our water needs.  No water means we get to drink beer (=good), but it also means that we don't shower (=bad).

It hasn't rained during the day since I arrived, one month ago.  We'll get some clouds, maybe a bit of drizzle (it's called "mizzle" here, and "ithacating" at home).  There have been a few rain showers at night, which is very exciting inside the tent, because it sounds like the heavens are falling.  Unfortunately, the showers don't last long and, although they sound loud inside the tent, they're not very heavy.  It's not replacing the water we use, much less filling up our water tank.

On the subject of weather, here's a video I took of the clouds sailing over the bay.  9 minutes, 17 seconds compressed into 16 seconds.  Unfortunately, the clouds didn't bring rain.

A storm brews over the bay...  but no rain.

Mizzle over the water brings rainbows, though.

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  1. Hi friend! I'm sorry you guys are runnin out of water! Can you get snail mail where you are? Anyhoo, mostly just wanted to say hi :) Hi!