Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a Difference

What a difference a few months makes!



Winter (Yesterday):

The ice has made its way up the inlet and now reaches past our dock. I think it's snowed at least a little every day so far this year.  It's averaged 18 F/ -8 C, with a low of 8 F/ -13 C.  It hasn't gone below 0 F/ -18 C yet, though!

Temperatures in the teens are ideal for cross-country skiing, so this weekend I made sure to bring my skis up to the trail behind the house.

Very nice!  Looks like I wasn't the first to have the idea.  I enjoyed the single track up to Glenwood Heights Road.  Too bad I'm working during pretty much all daylight hours this week--I need to enjoy the snow and cold weather while I can, before my two years of endless summer!

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  1. Get out and enjoy the fresh COLD Ithaca air before that hot New Zealand air hits your lungs. Love the pic's of the dock. rikikitty